Frequently Asked Questions:

What is “bumper trim adapter”?  Some bumpers have an aluminum wrapping around the bumper.  If you have this, then you will need to order the adapter kit.  If your bumper is black, then it is most likely the standard 4″ bumper.







I have a on board propane quick connect fitting on my RV, can I connect a hose directly to my grill?  Yes.  We offer a quick connect kit, which comes with a 39″ hose, and a low pressure regulator.  Visit the Store page for ordering information.  You need the quick connect kit because, your RV has a low pressure propane system because the connections are located after your RV’s propane system pressure regulator. You will have to remove the pressure regulators on any portable propane BBQ/grills and Stoves you connect to it. If you do not remove the pressure regulators your BBQ/Grill or stove will not work properly because the propane pressure will end up being too low.


Can I leave the grill on while traveling down the road?  Yes, BillsBumperQ is specifically designed to carry all of our rv grills while properly mounted, with the EXCEPTION of the universal flat tray rv grill bumper mount.


Does the grill come with a cover?  Yes, we do offer a cover for the rv grill bumper mount kit.


What is the total length of Bill’s BumperQ?  The lengths will vary according to the model.  The Uniflame rv grill bumper mounting kit is 46 1/4″ in overall length, Weber Q100 series rv  grill bumper mount is 46 5/8″ in overall length, the Weber Q200 series rv grill bumper mount is 49 1/8″ in overall length, and the Flat Tray rv grill bumper mount is 44 1/8″ in overall length.  


Will it clear my spare tire? Yes, usually the spare tire is mounted using u-bolts.  They will need to be loosened up so that the tire can be slid over to allow more room.


I have a favorite rv grill already, can you make a rv grill bumper mount for it?  Yes, we have provided many happy customers with custom built rv grill bumper mounts.  Prices will vary according to grill size and style.  We have made custom rv grill mounts from one simple charcoal grill, with a double swing arm, all the way up to a double rv grill bumper mounted system.